Most people are aware of vaping these days. However, there are still some people who don’t know what vaping is. If you don’t, we’re here to explain.

After we define vaping clearly, we’re going to share some fun and interesting information about why vaping is so popular…and how you can try it for yourself!

Vaping is Using an E-cig

If you draw on an electronic cigarette and then exhale the water vapor that it produces, you are vaping! In a nutshell, vaping is utilizing an e-cig.

E-cigs are generally long and tubular. They are compact, portable and resemble tobacco cigarettes. However, they never, ever produce bad-smelling smoke and tar. Instead, they produce water vapor.

People love to vape because it feels similar to smoking, but isn’t as messy and socially offensive. Most e-cigs work with e-juices. They are liquids which are dripped onto e-cig cartomizers. Once the e-cig is loaded with e-juice, the cartomizer is attached to the other main component of an e-cig, which is called a battery. The battery gives power to the whole e-cig.

A typical e-cig battery may be recharged many times before it needs replacement. Cartomizers will need to be replaced now and then. Most people find that vaping is pretty affordable. It’s easy to get replacement gear when it’s needed and a lot of people choose to order it online, so that they may find it for exceptionally low prices.

Is Vaping a Safe Activity?

Right now, vaping technology is still quite new, so it’s impossible to know if there are long-term health risks associated with vaping. While there is one study out there online which seemed to show a health risk, this particular study has been widely debunked, because the amount of vaping that was featured in the study was way beyond what a typical vaping fan would indulge in.

The same study seemed to underscore the fact that vaping moderately is not dangerous. Clearly, more research is needed, via clinical studies which are peer-reviewed and not widely debunked.

Do People Vape to Stop Smoking?

Some people rely on vaping as a smoking cessation aid. Others vape when smoking isn’t permitted or convenient. Also, there are others who vape just because they enjoy it.

E-juices for vaporizers are available in nicotine-free versions. There are also e-liquids with nicotine added. Most online suppliers of premium and affordable e-juices offer no-nicotine versions and three or four levels of nicotine (for those who do want nicotine while they vape).

If you vape an e-juice with nicotine added and you’re used to smoking tobacco cigs, you’ll find that the throat hit feels very similar. However, people who don’t want nicotine enjoy the throat hit, too.

If you want to experience vaping for yourself, you should make a point of shopping around for a superb vaporizer. It’s vital to buy something which is well-made and which comes from a trusted manufacturer. If you find a high-quality, highly-rated and reasonably-priced e-cig online, see if there is a Starter Kit available which comes with that vaporizer. If there is, order it, because you’ll get everything that you need in order to start vaping.

Most Starter Kits include e-juice, but it’s possible that the kit you like won’t. If so, order a few bottles of e-juice when you order your Starter Kit. Then, you’ll be primed to discover the wonders of vaporizing as soon as you receive your orders.